UKPanorama is set up to provide high quality interactive, virtual tours allowing the observer to look around a full 360 x 180 degree field of view. This is ideal as an online way to view different places such as:-

Commercial and Residential Property, Hotels, Conference facilities, Entertainment and Leisure, Education.

.........amongst many others.

Why use a number of still images to try to convey a sense of a place when you can let a viewer look at the whole space, from floor to ceiling and full circle as if they were standing in the middle of the room.

Rooms can be 'linked' with hotspots to create tours which enable you to click in a pre defined place within the image and move to another area, ideal for showing a customer through the different areas in a hotel for example.

Click and drag mouse to interact


Please browse the links above for examples of interactive tours, colour photography, black and white handprinted work and printed panoramic landscapes.For quotes, prices and further information please contact through the email address below.

All images ©Paul Wigginton